Tips For Printing Flyers On A Budget

July 25, 2016

When it comes to inexpensive but effective marketing tools, nothing works better than the lowly flyer. They’re easy to make, cheap to print and easy to distribute so using a flyer to push your product or services make a lot of sense. However, if you’re working on a tight marketing budget, or you’re using flyers to supplement a bigger marketing play, you can’t afford to invest a lot of money in your flyers.

Here are some tips on how to save money when printing flyers.

1. Don’t use color. Black and white flyers are only marginally less effective than color, and if you’re using the flyer as a source of information only, then you don’t need color. Color ink can cause the cost of printing flyers to be ten times more costly than black and white only.

2. Don’t use slick paper. Slick paper is significantly more expensive than standard bond printer/copier paper and in most cases doesn’t add any value to your marketing campaign.

3. Only print as many flyers as you need. Many times flyers are date sensitive and having too many turns perfectly usable paper into scrap. While wasting a couple of pages isn’t terribly detrimental to the bottom line, wasting a ream every time you print flyers gets expensive.

4. To cut down on draft copies when making flyer designs, use the page size tool in your word processor to flip back and forth between full page and page width sizes. This lets you see how the overall flyer will look before you print it. Also, using Print Preview lets you know if everything you want on the flyer is going to fit.

5. Unless you need super high quality, print flyers in draft mode. While the quality isn’t quite as good, using draft mode to print with cuts the cost per page almost in half.

Flyers are a great way to put information into the hands of a potential customer by using them as a secondary pushing tool to a bigger marketing concept. Flyers that concentrate on a single product enables you to give customers exactly the information they want without having to dig through a catalog or booklet to get to what they’re looking for. Printing flyers yourself is a great way to make sure your advertising budget stays within the constraints you have to have to keep your bottom line in the profit margin. Take advantage of flyers and make your flyers work for you by designing and printing your own.